To New Parents

I am a mom of 4 children, 3 girls and a boy, ages 7, 4, 2, and 4 months old. I have had 3 miscarriages, one of which was a twin to my 7 year old. I don’t know it all because as a mom you learn as you go, you aren’t perfect, and each child is different. My children are mixed (Haitian/American), my four year old is Hard of Hearing/Deaf, and my seven year old has anxiety, dyslexia, and a learning disability.

Here is some advice that you can use, disregard, or adapt to what works for you.

Nursing: Some babies will nurse or latch on easily, while others may have a more difficult time. My body doesn’t produce very much milk so even though I nursed my three older girls, I still had to supplement formula. I felt so guilty that I didn’t produce enough milk, and when my nephew didn’t latch on when my sister was nursing, she felt guilty also (DON”T FEEL GUILTY!). Some people can breastfeed and some people can’t. The first 2 weeks after giving birth your body produces the important nutrient Colostrum, which is full of antibodies that is great for your baby’s system. Nursing hurts really bad, though it is worth it if you are willing to try, if you can make it the first 2 weeks, then the pain eases up cause your nipples get used to it. Your nipples might also bleed a little; the best thing that helps is Lansinoh ointment.


Bottle Feeding: I have found that some baby’s prefer a certain bottle/nipple brand, while other baby’s don’t care what they use. I found that my favorite brand is MAM bottles and pacifiers, especially since you can personalize the pacifiers online, and they offer glow-in-the-dark ones, which is great for at night when you are trying to get the baby to be quiet. All of my kids started out on regular Gerber (Good Start) formula but ended up on Soy or Lactose Free milk (cause of an allergy we have). The hospital will ask you what formula you are going with if you decided not to nurse. You can always change the formula later, just be careful not to change it too often or too many times.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Some advice I was given for protecting from SIDS: Introduce pacifiers (reminds baby to breath when they have something to suck), always, always lay your baby on their back to sleep, do NOT use crib bumpers, blankets, or pillows in the crib or bed where the baby is. Make sure the baby is not too hot, better to be cooler in the room. I know that babies like to be swaddled, so just be careful that the blanket won’t get loose, or that the baby isn’t too hot. I personally like to use a swaddler/peapod type zipper swaddler.


Products I love to use:

Anything by Hyland’s Baby (natural teething/cold/cough remedies/Colic soother)

Baby Magic lotion/baby wash – Original Baby Scent

Anywhere (Clorax) Spray – for cleaning baby stuff/around the house

MAM – bottles/pacifiers

Triple Paste Medicated Diaper Rash Ointment

Febreze Antimicrobial Spray

Hoping everything turns out great for you and your pregnancy/baby!

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Assignment 3: Research and Strategy Proposal

Gift Baskets for You (fictitious company) is an Internet business that usually takes in under $2 million gross a year, the business has been going for 9 years now and is now looking to increase sales. Gift Baskets for You is great at beating other competitive companies by delivering quickly, offering top gourmet ingredients, and a free shipping offer on orders over $40. Considering that the company sells baskets made with gourmet ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, fruit, wine, and food, the highest time of the year in sales is during holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, Gift Baskets is looking to expand from the usual costumers of women, secretaries, and salespeople to husbands, friends, and people who are looking to make a person’s day.

There are two different ways I have looked at to increase sales for Gift Baskets for You, the first being Social Shopping, which would include creating pages and being active to our customer’s requests or concerns. The second would be looking at how our company could use Virtual Goods to increase our revenue or expand our customers.

Social Shopping: The advantages of Social Shopping are being able to literally have a page on Facebook, and MySpace, or Twitter, being able to connect more personally to your customers by being able to quickly address any issues that may be brought up online. It is wonderful for people on Social Networks to be able to go to a company’s page and leave comments, look at new product reviews, and share the company with your friends. The disadvantages would be the need to keep a close eye on your Social pages so you can be aware of any issues. Also it is very easy for a company to be overwhelmed by the orders online when you are getting them from many different sites. Gift Baskets for You could use Social Shopping first as a great advertising tool, being able to create opportunity’s for the customers to order right off of a Facebook link, and to offer coupons or offers for certain website users that “Like” their page.


Virtual Goods: The biggest advantage of offering Virtual Goods through a game is for people to see the product you are offering, and want it in real life. Another advantage would be the revenue that would be made by having Virtual Goods. The disadvantages are creating the items that would need to be sold online, and also that most games take a portion of the profits. You could use Virtual Goods to make customers more aware of the wonderful products your company offers to be sent in real life to cheer others up.


Proposal: I propose that we use Social Shopping to improve the revenue and increase customers and customer loyalty. The wonderful thing about Social Shopping is that there are people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds that love to use Social Networks, play games, and view most things online, so I believe that the benefits of Social Shopping would outweigh any disadvantage.

By having a page on Woot, Twitter, Kaboodle, and Facebook, you have the opportunity to show the beautiful products that you offer to be featured and “Liked” by many different people online, which can increase awareness and possible frequent loyal customers. By using Social Shopping it makes it easier for the company to advertise their products, to be shared and liked online by friends and family, it also makes it easier for people to have a quick link to order online. By using daily, weekly, or monthly coupons it will also increase customer loyalty.


Does this work?  1-800- Flowers was the first online company to use a Facebook page to make a sale in 2009, since then many other businesses have followed suit. 1-800-Flowers is one of the most popular companies online, whether you go to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or any networking site, you see some kind of advertisement for 1-800-Flowers, links to buy online.





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Written September 11th, 2012

In Remembrance….

September 11, 2001 the United States (and even the world) was rocked by the terror that struck New York, the Pentagon, and Flight 93. Most people knew someone who was there that day, someone affected personally by the tragedy. Though we all felt personally attacked as Americans, most people joined together united despite our differences.


Early morning September 11, 2009, I got a phone call from my best friend Mike who was having a hard time breathing, I had something to drink and didn’t feel safe driving so I asked him if I could call an ambulance, he said no but he’d call me from the hospital. An hour later I got a call from the hospital doctor asking me to come right away to the ER, when I got there they said they were working on Mike but asked questions about his health history. 30 minutes later I will never forget the look on the doctors faces as they told me he didn’t make it. I yelled “No! Your wrong.” I couldn’t believe that my best friend, my baby’s godfather (who rocked her while she was in the hospital sick), the friend who always stood by my side was gone. My heart broke that day.

RIP: Michael (Money Mike) Vann-Aparicio (11/11/81 – 09/11/09)


I know that most everyone has someone who they have lost, who has impacted their life, and to me and most the world September 11th is a time of remembrance. A time to reflect on how we have been changed by loss.

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What is your CLICK?

Honestly this was kind of difficult for me as I have so many interests and experience in different areas that I am not sure what business I would create. Here is a possibility though.

C.L.I.C.K. (Competitive advantage, Likes and interests, In-demand products/services, Customers in target market, Knowledge and background)

I would open a daycare for low-income families, I know there are many daycares out there but mine would be for those who cannot afford the high cost of a normal daycare but also may not get into government funded (like Head Start) daycares that go by income.

I love children (I have 3 girls and a baby on the way), I have always been interested in teaching children, guiding them and teaching them manners and common sense (something which is not always taught these days).

I know from living in California, North Dakota, and Georgia that no matter where you go there are families that are struggling to provide, cannot afford daycare, yet makes just above the limit for Social Services such as Child Care Assistance, TANF, or Food Stamps. So I would provide a daycare environment for those who cannot afford the usual $200 per kid per week.

I have taken college classes in Child Development, worked with children for about 20 years including 6 years at Head Start and as my own in-home daycare, I have children of my own, I have taught Sunday School for children of all ages, and have been low-income, homeless, a single mother before so I completely understand where some of the parents are coming from.

What is your CLICK???

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My Project on Tablet/Mobile Devices

Project 4

I just created a PowerPoint project on the effects of Tablet/Mobile Devices on web sites.

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When God says move….

Recently I have found myself arguing with God, an argument thatI never thought I would have. When my husband and I married two years ago my two girls and I moved from North Dakota to the Atlanta, Georgia area, away from all family and friends and all I knew. Within a month I got pregnant which made the first year even harder, there were times I called my mom and cried wanting to go home. As time went on and my husband and I experienced a lot of challenges (a new baby, moving twice, major back surgery, a tubal miscarriage and surgery, and now a new pregnancy) and we have grown closer together as a family, we have found a church that we love and are involved in and I have once again (more about that later) realized the love I have for the big city and warm weather. This past June my husband, our three little girls, and I drove to North Dakota to see family that I haven’t seen in a while, it was wonderful, but I found that as I was finding myself thankful that I was no longer there, and excited to get home to Georgia, my husband and kids realized how much they loved being close to my family and in the small town.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I realized that for two years he had been applying for jobs everywhere in the United States, especially Georgia, and we had not received any responses, so we prayed about if God really wanted us to move or to stay here. God has  shown us that North Dakota is the current place for us to move, though I believe only for a while. Right now there are many jobs that are begging for people to work, and for quite a big pay, which is something we need financially to even pay bills.

I argued with God for a while, and still sometimes worry, but I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants us to move.

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Welcome to Readability!

I recently listened to The Big Web Show 71: Richard Ziade podcast that was created on June 13, 2012. Jeffrey Zeldman, voice of The Big Web Show, spoke with Ziade about his company called Readability. Richard Ziade is the CEO and founder of a platform for readers and writers called Readability, which services add-ons and apps and developers with API. Readability in its most basic form is a reader button; it is very popular and well used. The older version of Readability is an open source, which is also used in Kindle, so Apple took and used the Readability button, though Apple did give attribution to the Readability company.

With Readability you can look at just the content of a website, without having all the advertisements or extras to worry about, Readability can be shared, and is most often shared from mobile to mobile by a content link being sent.

Currently Readability is a platform that generally has 85% of their traffic from API and building tools such as Readless, which was a new idea with Readability where you can gather favorite content from many different sites and bundle the pages together into a book and share the content (book) with anyone, which is wonderful for colleges.

When publishers and others saw this they were upset claiming that it would take away pay from the rightful owners, or gather content and claim ownership on something that is not under a copyright, then sell the information.

It was at that point that Ziade mentioned,, and, which could all be held under those same guidelines and comments.

Recently Richard Ziade and the Readability company have been called out for creating anew idea, which was another model for publishers to get paid. People would pay Readability fees and in return publishers would still get paid, however the idea was later cancelled as many publishers, like New York Times did not sign up or get behind the company and idea.

So Ziade decided to give the money to charity instead of back to the people because he said that some of the money was also being paid to the publishers who did sign up. Ziade mentioned many companies who make money off of content such as and mentioned that 5 out of the top 10 podcast list on iTunes would be considered in the same bracket.


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Mail Order Bride in 2010

Two years ago my husband and I got married after only meeting once. Originally we had met on Christian Mingle, a Christian dating site, and talked over the phone and computer for about a year. Finally I decided it was time for us to meet, considering the distance (I lived in North Dakota and he in Georgia) I knew it was going to be expensive. But at the age of (then) 26 and being a single mom of two young ones, I was ready to move deeper into a relationship. When Windson and I first met, we were both very shy, but soon could really feel the deep connection between us. So after almost two weeks spent together we got engaged and I flew back to North Dakota to start planning a wedding. Three months later he flew to North Dakota and we got married, then 4 days later we all moved to his place in Georgia.

These past two years have held lots of trials and joys, we welcomed a new baby by our first anniversary, had a miscarriage and tubal surgery 4 months later, have moved twice, argued with family, and most recently I had major back (spine) surgery for my scoliosis.

In the past two years we have grown closer each day, through the tragedies and triumphs, as he showed his amazing love as a husband and father, and as I learned how to share the parenting responsibilities. Mail Order Bride in this century, yes. It works, not always but at times. I know that my husband and I are incredibly thankful for meeting each other.

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These past two weeks have been crazy as I find that more friends are leaving something that I love, it just seems unreal and crazy when big change happens. In any job or situation there will be times of big change, because we as a society are forever changing. Just think about your childhood; my memories consist of making mix tapes (radio dj), playing Mario Bros on the original Nintendo, rollerskating, playing in the mud, and hardly consist of using electronics like a computer. Now when you look at things through this generations eyes, you see nothing but technology like cell phones that can do just about anything, even compact discs are not used as much anymore. Recently as I was walking through a grocery store I saw a mom shopping while on her cell phone talking, meanwhile her two kids that were around 6 and 10 years old were very into the games that they were playing on their handheld devices. Growing up I loved going grocery shopping with my mom, or aunt, or grandma, it was almost like bonding time as I learned which fruit or vegetables to choose and what brand tasted the best.

Things sure are changing, and change can be good. I however will be keeping some of the old traditions that I had when I was younger for a couple different reasons, the main reason being that I want my children to have a bigger bond with me, then with technology.

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6th times the charm

Whenever I hear someone mention that ’3rd times the charm’ I just want to laugh and say ‘Yah right!’.

I mean really? If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…and again…and again, until you finally get it right. Yes, there are times in life where you should just quit and get on to other things in your life, but there are important things that must be tried over and over until they are perfected. Like parenting, cleaning, cooking, dieting, selling, and leading. Many times if  motivation is lacking, or you feel tired or lost, you may end up doing pretty bad at something. Like me and writing a blog, I am totally new at this and feel really confused when it comes to adding widgets or writing correct posts, but I must continue on (though I’m sure some would like to shut me up) because I know that what I learn from this experience will hep me in my future. Are there ever times when you try something and after a couple attempts just want to give up, those are the times (when you press through the ‘blah’) that you find yourself learning the most and later use those memories to realize how far you have gotten in life.

Are you ready to try again? I’m not, but I will anyway…. You should too.

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