Assignment 3: Research and Strategy Proposal

Gift Baskets for You (fictitious company) is an Internet business that usually takes in under $2 million gross a year, the business has been going for 9 years now and is now looking to increase sales. Gift Baskets for You is great at beating other competitive companies by delivering quickly, offering top gourmet ingredients, and a free shipping offer on orders over $40. Considering that the company sells baskets made with gourmet ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, fruit, wine, and food, the highest time of the year in sales is during holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, Gift Baskets is looking to expand from the usual costumers of women, secretaries, and salespeople to husbands, friends, and people who are looking to make a person’s day.

There are two different ways I have looked at to increase sales for Gift Baskets for You, the first being Social Shopping, which would include creating pages and being active to our customer’s requests or concerns. The second would be looking at how our company could use Virtual Goods to increase our revenue or expand our customers.

Social Shopping: The advantages of Social Shopping are being able to literally have a page on Facebook, and MySpace, or Twitter, being able to connect more personally to your customers by being able to quickly address any issues that may be brought up online. It is wonderful for people on Social Networks to be able to go to a company’s page and leave comments, look at new product reviews, and share the company with your friends. The disadvantages would be the need to keep a close eye on your Social pages so you can be aware of any issues. Also it is very easy for a company to be overwhelmed by the orders online when you are getting them from many different sites. Gift Baskets for You could use Social Shopping first as a great advertising tool, being able to create opportunity’s for the customers to order right off of a Facebook link, and to offer coupons or offers for certain website users that “Like” their page.


Virtual Goods: The biggest advantage of offering Virtual Goods through a game is for people to see the product you are offering, and want it in real life. Another advantage would be the revenue that would be made by having Virtual Goods. The disadvantages are creating the items that would need to be sold online, and also that most games take a portion of the profits. You could use Virtual Goods to make customers more aware of the wonderful products your company offers to be sent in real life to cheer others up.


Proposal: I propose that we use Social Shopping to improve the revenue and increase customers and customer loyalty. The wonderful thing about Social Shopping is that there are people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds that love to use Social Networks, play games, and view most things online, so I believe that the benefits of Social Shopping would outweigh any disadvantage.

By having a page on Woot, Twitter, Kaboodle, and Facebook, you have the opportunity to show the beautiful products that you offer to be featured and “Liked” by many different people online, which can increase awareness and possible frequent loyal customers. By using Social Shopping it makes it easier for the company to advertise their products, to be shared and liked online by friends and family, it also makes it easier for people to have a quick link to order online. By using daily, weekly, or monthly coupons it will also increase customer loyalty.


Does this work?  1-800- Flowers was the first online company to use a Facebook page to make a sale in 2009, since then many other businesses have followed suit. 1-800-Flowers is one of the most popular companies online, whether you go to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or any networking site, you see some kind of advertisement for 1-800-Flowers, links to buy online.





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